From the Assistant Principal


Many students can find it hard to get motivated to do their homework or study.There are no quick fixes, but there are some techniques you can use with your daughter to help her achieve, as one of the biggest factors in motivation is achieving success. 

  1. Encourage your daughter to talk to her teacher about the study techniques that work for her and her subject.
  2. Help her break up tasks into small achievable chunks and plan a reward when they are achieved.                        
  3. Talk through some strategies to use when she loses focus: go for a brisk walk; take breaks each hour; listen to a motivational song
  4. Suggest some motivational pictures or slogans to pin up around her workspace.
  5. Some students find it hard to be motivated to do school work hard because they are not sure what they want to do when they leave. Encourage your daughter to talk with the careers advisor or think about future jobs she may be interested in, but remember that most students don’t know their career path when they leave school, so its important to reinforce that message.



As the days are cooling down and the crisp Autumn air arrives, you are reminded that the jumper is not a part of the Summer uniform for Years 7,10,11 & 12. If students are cold they need to wear their blazer to the College and during the day. For students in Years 8 and 9,  cardigans are still permissible.   Parents are also asked to support us in enforcing our uniform code by ensuring that your daughter’s tunic is the correct length and that she is not wearing jewellery, make up, false nails or nail polish.

A reminder that we transition to the winter uniform on the first Monday after Mother’s Day, that is, Monday 4 May 2015 (Week 3, Term 2).


Term 2 begins Monday 20/4 for all staff and students.

Friday 8 May:    Staff Development Day

Friday 5 June:   Staff Development Day

Last day of Term 2:     Years 7-11 Parent / Teacher Interviews



Jacinta Russo
Assistant Principal