From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates for Term 1

Tuesday 8 March: Bethany in Action Open Day 3-6pm. Students dismissed at 12:49 pm. School specials arranged to pick up students at 1:00

Friday 11 March: Bethany Day. Normal school hours

Thursday 24 March: Holy Thursday. Normal school hours and sport.

Friday 25 March: Good Friday. School closed

Monday 28 March: Easter Monday. School closed

Friday 8 April: Last day of Term 1. Normal school hours.



Online Safety is a fantastic site for parents and students wishing to negotiate online use. They have very informative fact sheets and videos about how to stay safe online. They also have examples of parent – child internet usage contracts:


Allergy and Asthma Notifications

Any parents whose child has an allergy to the environment or food and has not submitted the Allergy Notification Letter that was sent out at the end of last year, please phone student services or email for a copy of the letter to be emailed to you.

Similarly, if your daughter has asthma and you have not notified the college please do so to ensure our medical records for your daughter are current.


ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS – It’s up to you…

A big step towards achieving your goals is developing and maintaining a growth mindset

as the attitudes you have learnt and develop will influence the way you view goal setting.

Approaching a task with a negative and self-defeating attitude makes it much harder to

actually be successful at that task.


You need to have a positive attitude when you are setting and trying to achieve your goals. A

positive attitude means you are looking for ways to succeed rather than focusing on the

difficulties and obstacles that could be in your path.




To create a more positive attitude:

  • Each day note down something you did towards achieving your goals.
  • Note down any changes someone else has noticed eg. your teacher says well done on
  • your work.
  • Don’t stop trying if something goes wrong, it just means you haven’t achieved it …
  • Find a mentor or helper to encourage you to achieve your goals, possibly someone who
  • is interested in the same things or is good at the same subjects, but is a bit further ahead of you.










Bethany College Open Day

We look forward to showcasing all the wonderful work students and teachers at Bethany College undertake. Our Open Day 2016 is on March 8th between 3.00pm and 6.30pm. Please ensure that if your daughter is assisting that you have signed the permission note to allow her to remain at the College and that arrangements have been made for her journey home at the end of her duty.


Arrival at the College and Lateness

A reminder to all parents that your daughter should be at the College at 8.30am before the morning bell rings at 8.40 to allow time to access the lockers and prepare for the day.


There is no general playground supervision before 8.20am each day although students may access the library to complete work from 8.00am. The only students who should be at the College before this time are senior students with timetabled early classes.


After School Homework Help in the library

jr3The library is open to all students until 3.30 everyday.

After school homework help is provided by tutors from 3.30-4.30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Tutors will be able to assist with homework and revision tasks set by teachers across a range of curriculum areas in stage 4 and 5. Senior students who wish assistance with specialist areas should contact Ms Maish (Leader of Pedagogy) to find out when these specialists are available, and attend the appropriate sessions. In addition, coaching for debating teams and public speaking/ orals is available on Fridays.




Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal