From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates for Term 1

Friday 11 March: Bethany Day. Dismissal approx 2pm. Normal bus times

Thursday 24 March: Holy Thursday. Normal school hours and sport.

Friday 25 March: Good Friday. School closed

Monday 28 March: Easter Monday. School closed

Friday 8 April: Last day of Term 1. Normal school hours.



jr1There is a substantial body of evidence which supports the link between school attendance and academic growth and positive well being and our own HSC data reflects this.

The College has an obligation to monitor the attendance pattern of enrolled students, and thus Pastoral Coordinators regularly meet with students and communicate with parents regarding absences and lateness. Please remember to provide an explanation for student absences, and support your daughter’s efforts to arrive at school on time by discussing morning routines and being willing to try new routines.





JR2Adolescents often find it hard to get out of bed some days and be positive about going to school and learning. It can be hard to turn the day around when you wake up like this and don’t take steps to start your day in a positive way. Often the approach in the first hour of the day dictates the direction of your day of learning at school.

To ensure your daughter start her mornings well, she need to make sure she has a night-time and wake-up routine.

  1. Set Intentions Before Bed: consciously decide every night to create a positive expectation for the next morning.
  2. She could have her uniform laid out ready and bag packed the night before.
  3. Leave electronic devices out of the room- don’t use them as alarm clocks!
  4. Move the Alarm Clock Across The Room: so she has to get up to turn it off.
  5. Suggest she has an easy breakfast ready in case she is running late such as a banana or two, a muesli bar or muffin.


Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal