From the Assistant Principal

Important dates for Term 3

  • Monday 1/8- Monday 15/8:   Year 12 Trials
  • Wednesday 17/8:   Art and Design Showcase   5-8pm
  • Monday 29/8:   Extra Curricular Photos
  • Thursday 1/9:  Father’s Day Mass & breakfast.  7.30-9 am
  • Monday 19/9: Last full school day for Year 12
  • Wednesday 21/9: Year 12 Graduation Mass and dinner. 6.30-9.30p.m.
  • Thursday 22/9:  Last day of Term 3- Students finish at 12.30p.m. , after Period 4.
  • Friday 23/9:  Pupil Free Day/Staff Development Day


Student Travel and Opal Cards


Last newsletter I informed parents that services may be cut if students do not swipe on and off transport. We need valid data with which to make a case to transport companies about the need for services. We have been asked to make students and parents aware that ticket inspectors will be travelling on busses over the next few weeks and issuing fines to students who are travelling without a valid Opal Card. If you have had issues with the card please complete the appropriate forms on line and have a printed copy available.




Growth Mindset

With our focus on Self Directed Learning this year, students have been looking at setting learning goals and encouraging a Growth mindset in themselves and others

Strategies to encourage a Growth mindset

  • Look for the learning opportunity in every situation. Failure is a great way to learn, so look at inevitable ‘challenges’ as an opportunity to build new skills.
  • Be willing to experiment. Don’t try to be right – try to learn. Deliberately experiment just to see what happens.
  • Give yourself a break. When it comes to challenging situations, think beyond evaluation (right/wrong, good/bad) and instead experiment with an analytical, imaginative approach. See what happens.
  • Find inspiration in the successes of others rather than feeling threatened by other people’s good ideas or success stories.
  • And commit to the process. Instead of worrying about writing an award-winning novel, commit to the process of writing regularly and publishing short stories on the way.



Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal