From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates

  • Tuesday 28/2: Year 12 photos
  • Wednesday 1/3: Ash Wednesday
  • Tuesday 7/3: Bethany Open Day- students not assisting on the day are dismissed at the start of lunch
  • Friday 10/3: Bethany Day
  • Friday 7/4: Last Day of Term 1
  • Monday 24/4: Staff Development Day
  • Wednesday 26/4: Students return for Term 2

Students will be required to wear their full Winter Uniform as outlined below from Monday 15 May (Week 4, Term 2- after Mother’s day)


A reminder of the Winter uniform requirements are below:

Winter College Uniform: 7-9

  • Long sleeve College blouse
  • College tunic worn at mid knee length
  • College knee high socks (not ankle) or opaque navy pantyhose
  • College cardigan

The College Blazer is the compulsory outer garment to be worn to and from school.


Senior Winter Uniform: 10-12

  • College blouse
  • College skirt worn at mid knee length
  • Knee high socks (not ankle) or opaque navy pantyhose
  • College Blazer which must be worn as compulsory outer garment to and from school.

Year 12 may wear College jersey at school on Thursdays only


Sport Uniform: Years 7-10

  • College tracksuit -long pants and jacket with long pants (shorts may be worn underneath for sport if students wish)
  • College sport T shirt
  • College ankle socks
  • Well supported lace up sport shoes (Not canvas: Vans/Converse etc)
  • College Sports cap
  • Optional polar fleece


The College Sport Jacket is the outer garment to be worn to and from school


Winter Sport Uniform: 11 -12

Year 11 & 12- Uniform should be retained where possible to wear at carnivals and representing the college at sporting events

All Year 11 and 12 must wear Senior Winter Uniform to and from school.

Students representing the college on Thursdays, or those undertaking practical lessons must bring sport uniform to school and change.


For extra warmth in winter students may wear:

  • College scarf only
  • College vest
  • Any other layering (spencers etc..) must be worn under the school uniform and not be visible

General Uniform reminders

  • College Badge should be worn with the uniform
  • Plain leather flat lace up shoes
  • Make up should not be worn to school
  • Hair should be tied back and a natural, uniform colour
  • Nails should be natural looking and kept to an appropriate length to allow students to conduct school work unimpeded and prevent a student harming themselves or others. Only clear nail polish may be worn. No French tips will be permitted.
  • No visible facial piercing or tattoos will be accepted.
  • Jewellery-the only jewellery that is permitted is
    • One set of small studs worn in the lowest part of the ear lobe – no other piercings
    • one watch
    • one gold or silver chain with a cross or crucifix
  • College Bag- The bag is designed to be worn high on the student’s backs, it is therefore advised that straps are done up to avoid unnecessary stress on the students.

Students who are unable to remove piercings or nails/polish will work outside the classroom until they can comply with the uniform code.



Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal