From The Assistant Principal


There are many different ways to study, and they may not be the same for each subject.

One of the first things to do is to focus on remembering information, but that’s only the first part              .

Here are some tips that might be useful for you to know and help guide your daughter…


Techniques for Learning and Remembering:

Read through information and highlight key points.

Make study notes, then

Look/cover/write or read out loud/check- record what you don’t know.

Make flashcards with questions on the front and answers on the back and test yourself on them.

Use mnemonics: take the first letter of each word to make a word to help you remember everything on a list.

Pace around your room while you are reading the info

Memory likes repetition. Do the above techniques over and over and over again.


Techniques for Understanding:

Explain what you just studied to someone else

Teach it to someone else… every parent should be made to remember algebra!!

Summerise a section of notes in your own words


Techniques for Applying:

Do past questions or chapter review questions

Practice under exam conditions: time and without notes

Work without breaks or interruptions


Important dates for Term 2

  •  7 May: Mother’s Day Mass and Breakfast-
    • 7:00am, St Michael’s
    • 7:30-8:15, Yallunga Hall
  • 8 May: Staff Development Day (Collaboration & Engaged Learning) /Pupil Free Day
  • 11 May: All students in full winter uniform.
  • 12-15 May: NAPLAN
  • 13 May: Yr. 12 Parent/Student/Teacher interviews
  • 5 June: Staff Development Day (Assessment and Feedback)/ Pupil Free Day
  • 8 June: Queen’s Birthday long weekend
  • 17 June: Athletics Carnival
  • 25/26 June: 7-11 Parent/Student/Teacher interviews
  • 26 June: Term 2 concludes.






Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal