From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates

  • Friday 7/4:  Last Day of Term 1
  • Monday 24/4:  Staff Development Day
  • Wednesday 26/4:  Students return for Term 2
  • 9/5-11/5:  NAPLAN Y7 and 9
  • 15/5:  Students to wear full winter uniform



As the days are cooling down and the crisp Autumn air arrives, you are reminded that the jumper is not a part of the Summer uniform. If students are cold they need to wear their blazer to and from the College and the jumper may be worn as the outer garment at school only . Please refer to your daughter’s planner for any clarification of uniform requirements.


Teenage parties, drug and alcohol use:

Last week I attended a presentation by Paul Dillon on the latest research and statistics around school students and parties, driving, alcohol and drug use.The fabulous news is that cigarette smoking has rapidly decreased in school age students, and more school age students are identifying as non drinkers under the age of 18. The statistics, however indicate that Year 10 seems to be the period where students tend to be more likely to access alcohol at parties, sleepovers and dance events. The take home message from this presentation was about age appropriate monitoring and asking ourselves the following questions:

  • Do we know who they are with?
  • Do we know where they are?
  • Do we know what they are doing?

Paul challenged us to reflect: How do we know?

  • Do we take them into the homes of the host, or do we pick up / drop them at the door?
  • Have we spoken to parents hosting?
  • Do we trust what our teenagers are telling us? If so how many of us were 100% honest with our parents at age 15 and never told even a little white lie?

It is worth remembering that the teenage brain is not fully developed until between 22yrs for girls and 28-30yrs for men (this explains so much!) and teenagers are designed to push boundaries that we set them, so as parents we need to ensure their safety because they are not yet wired to believe that anything bad will ever happen to them, while balancing that as parents, we always think the worst will happen!

The link below will access Paul’s details and further links to research.





Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal