From the Assistant Principal

Online Naplan Testing

ACARA is moving with the support of the Federal Government to move NAPLAN testing into an online environment in 2018. To facilitate this, all schools are being asked to undertake a readiness test to make sure that the College wireless system and student machines can accommodate the testing. This testing will be undertaken with current year 7 and 9 students. Students should be aware that the results of these tests will never be published as the purpose of the testing is technical readiness. If your daughter is in one of these Year groups she will shortly be given a browser to download that will allow her to access the test questions. A further group of tests will be given to one Year 7 and one Year 9 class and the purpose of this is to check that the questions are valid and suitable to the students. Further information about the testing will be sent home shortly.

In 2018 the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is intending to have Naplan testing completed in an online environment. To achieve this goal, in August this year, 2017, all students in Year 7 and 9 will complete an Online Readiness Test using their College laptop to answer Naplan style questions under test type conditions. To provide access to the testing, the students will have download a Naplan browser onto their machine desktop, they will most likely complete this task at school. This browser is designed such that once open it locks all functions on the computer except for those required for the testing. The browser must remain on the machine until the testing period is completed, then students will be able to delete the browser. Whilst on the desktop, as long as the browser is not opened normal computing functions will be available. The browser does provide some demonstration tests if students and their parents wish to view them.

The purpose of the testing is to assess the technical capacity of the College wireless system, the browser and the student’s laptops to all work and deliver the tests online. Consequently the results of the tests, that is how many questions candidates got right, will never be sent to either the College, the candidates or their parents. The students will also need a set of headphones to complete the testing and their laptop will need to be fully charged. In the language convention test for example the words to be spelt will be stated to the students and they will then select the correct spelling from four alternatives. This testing will be completed between 21 August and 25 August, 2017, during the normal College school day.

A further set of testing known as the ACARA Online Item Trial will be completed by the Year 7 and 9 Newman classes only. Students in these classes have already downloaded the Naplan browser mentioned above. Pearson Education have been contracted by ACARA to come into a group of schools and trial different styles of Naplan questions. Once again the results of this testing will never be known or released. This testing will occur for the Year 7M class on the 8th of September and for the Year 9 Newman class on the 9th of September. Once again the students will need their laptop fully charged, the browser installed and a set of headphones in order to complete the testing.

During October, November and December, 2017, the feedback from the Online Readiness Test will be reviewed by ACARA and if necessary changed, such that when Naplan 2018 occurs it is hoped that the testing will work successfully in an online environment.


Trials Commencing

Year 12 students will be undertaking their HSC Trial exams in weeks 3, 4 and parts of 5. The girls are hard at work preparing for this important set of exams which will generally see the completion of their HSC assessment program. It is a trial for the HSC and in many cases girls will be sitting 3 hour test papers. The college community offers its best wishes and prayers for  success over these upcoming weeks.


HSC Dance and Major Works

Students with the support of their staff are working to finish major works across a variety of creative, design and practical subjects. These are large pieces, performances, documents and objects that students have been working to complete over 6 to 12 months with very generous support from their teachers in holiday periods and after school. The College will offer opportunities for public display of some of these major works shortly. This is always a great night to see what marvellous work the students can produce and visitors to the display of major works are always amazed by the high standards evident.



Thank you girls for your attention to the uniform and the high standard maintained in this area. A reminder that the College blazer should be the outer garment and should be worn to and from school each day. Students are reminded that the uniform they wear should be consistent with what is stated in the diary every day.



Mr Gregg Conroy

Acting Assistant Principal