From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates

  • Tuesday 18/7 & Wednesday 19/7: HSC Performing Arts Showcase- 7-8.30 pm
  • Friday 21/7: Academic Awards
  • Tuesday 25/7: Year 8 Subject selection evening- 7-8 pm
  • Monday 31/7- Wednesday 16/8: HSC trials
  • Wednesday 16/8: Art and Design Showcase- 5.30-9 pm
  • Monday 28/8: Extra Curricular Photos
  • Thursday 31/8: Father’s Day Mass & Breakfast- 7.15-8.30 am
  • Monday 4/9- Friday 15/9: Year 11 Exam Block
  • Tuesday 19/9: Year 12 Graduation Mass, lunch and Awards Ceremony
  • Friday 22/9: Last day of term. Students dismissed after P4


 Congratulations to Year 12 who are almost finished their Trial HSC Exams. The calm manner with which they have approached the period is a real credit to them and to their families. I would like to take this opportunity to thank their teachers and Mr Donlan for ensuring this time has run smoothly for them. Lastly to the College Community, thank you to the girls for staying quiet around exam venues and to the Y11 students who did not have access to their lockers for much of the exam period, and were so gracious about it.



This term I have reminded students of the high standards and expectations that the college has around learning, and expectations that the focus of the classroom is learning. For this reason, the teachers continue to be vigilant in insisting that when students are using their laptops, they are using them to facilitate learning. There are some occasions when staff may direct students to use a device, such as a phone to take a snapshot of class notes from the board, but students need to be reminded that they are only permitted to access their phone when there are directed to do so by a teacher. In addition, since no educational research that I have come across suggests that student learning is enhanced by listening to music or multitasking, students are not permitted to use headphones to listen to music when at school.

The College planner has clear consequences for students who use their phones / access their phones without teacher permission. Sometimes parents place their daughters in a difficult position by messaging them or phoning them during school hours. I remind parents that if they need to contact their daughters urgently, they should do so via leaving a message at reception. Other messages, such as where to meet after school should be left until 3pm, so as to minimise distractions.


Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal