From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website

END OF TERM 1: Friday, 13 April 2018.  

START OF TERM 2:  Monday, 30 April 2018

A reminder that students are to change into full winter uniform in Week 3, after Mother’s day.

Winter uniform requirements are below:

Winter College Uniform: 7-9

  •  Long sleeve College blouse
  • College tunic worn at mid knee length
  • College knee high socks (not ankle) or opaque navy pantyhose
  • College cardigan
  • College Blazer which must be worn as compulsory outer garment to and from school.



Senior Winter Uniform: 10-12

  • College blouse
  • College skirt worn at mid knee length
  • Knee high socks (not ankle) or opaque navy pantyhose
  • College Blazer which must be worn as compulsory outer garment to and from school.

Year 12 may wear College jersey at school on Thursdays only – it is not to be worn to and from school

Sport Uniform 7-10

  • College tracksuit –long pants and jacket with long pants (shorts may be worn underneath for sport if students wish)
  • College sport T shirt
  • College ankle socks
  • well supported lace up sport shoes (Not canvas: Vans/Converse etc)
  • College Sports cap
  • Optional polar fleece
  • The College Sport Jacket is the outer garment to be worn to and from school


Winter Sport Uniform: 11 -12

Year 11 & 12- Uniform should be retained where possible to wear at carnivals and representing the college at sporting events

All Year 11 and 12 must wear Senior Winter Uniform to and from school, each day.

Students representing the college on Thursdays, or those undertaking practical lessons must bring sport uniform to school and change. 





Pain Relief Medication at School

A reminder to parents that the College does not dispense paracetamol or pain relief to students. Students may carry their own pain relief medication with them however in the interests of student wellbeing, we ask that you discuss with your daughter the importance of not sharing medication. 

Laptop Charger Check
Students have recently been reminded to ensure they are using the correct charger for their laptops. Defective cords or the incorrect cord
can damage devices and also put the user at risk of electrocution. Should your daughter’s laptop charger be suffering
wear and tear, please check the manufacturers website for replacement options. We don’t use a toaster with a
faulty cord – the same applies to your daughter’s laptop!

I wish everyone a blessed Easter break, with time for family and friends.

Some resources that may be helpful over the holidays