From the Assistant Principal

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 Working with feedback.

Marks and comments on assessments are an important form of feedback, and it is important that we work with this to improve. It can be hard to be motivated though, if the mark was disappointing. We all have times when we think we have done brilliantly then get an assignment back and are really disappointed instead. You could just feel really bad, or you could try these steps:


The first step is to work through the feedback and work out what went wrong.

  • Did you not meet the criteria?
  • What feedback were you given from the teacher?
  • Do you understand the feedback?
  • Can you work out why you got the mark you did?

If you don’t understand why you got the mark you did, it is ESSENTIAL you ask your teacher for further clarification. Mistakes are a vital part of learning, but you don’t want to keep repeating the same mistakes.


Once you understand what the issue was, you can either accept it, or challenge it.

ACCEPT: If you feel now that the mark was actually fair enough, then it is time to move on. There is no point beating yourself up anymore about your disappointing mark.

Instead you need to treat this as a learning process, the people who are most successful in life don’t let their mistakes get them down, they see them as a learning opportunity where they can improve and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

However, if you really don’t understand why you got the mark you did, thinking you had met all of the criteria, you can talk to your teacher and politely explain your point of view and ask for further clarification about where it went wrong.


The only way to improve, is to work out what you did wrong, then try and fix it.

It is actually a really good idea to re-do part of the work and re-submit. Not everyone has the commitment to do this, but if you do – then wow – you will really see the benefit in your results. It might just be a case of re-doing a section of the assignment and asking your teacher to review it.

But if you don’t have another go, or apply the feedback to another task you won’t know whether or not you have really taken the feedback on board. Some students let a bad mark get them down and start to think they are not capable of succeeding, so they don’t try to address the issue, make similar mistakes again and just feel worse. Don’t be that sort of person! Learn from what you have done and have another try.

Another good thing you can do is to ask to see other students’ work – to evaluate what was missing in yours or how you could improve yours next time.

It would also be a great idea for your next assignment to show your teacher a plan, or a draft early on, explaining how you think you’ve met the criteria, and seek feedback well BEFORE handing it in.



A reminder that students are to change into full winter uniform in Week 3, after Mother’s day.

Winter College Uniform: 7-9

  • Long sleeve College blouse
  • College tunic worn at mid knee length
  • College knee high socks (not ankle) or opaque navy pantyhose
  • College cardigan
  • College Blazer which must be worn as compulsory outer garment to and from school.


Senior Winter Uniform: 10-12

  • College blouse
  • College skirt worn at mid knee length
  •  Knee high socks (not ankle) or opaque navy pantyhose
  • College Blazer which must be worn as compulsory outer garment to and from school.

Year 12 may wear College jersey at school on Thursdays only – it is not to be worn to and from school


Sport Uniform 7-10

  • College tracksuit –long pants and jacket with long pants (shorts may be worn underneath for sport if students wish)
  • College sport T shirt
  • College ankle socks
  • well supported lace up sport shoes (Not canvas: Vans/Converse etc)
  • College Sports cap
  • Optional polar fleece
  • The College Sport Jacket is the outer garment to be worn to and from school

Winter Sport Uniform: 11 -12

Year 11 & 12- Uniform should be retained where possible to wear at carnivals and representing the college at sporting events

All Year 11 and 12 must wear Senior Winter Uniform to and from school, each day.

Students representing the college on Thursdays, or those undertaking practical lessons must bring sport uniform to school and change.

Students have been reminded this week on sentral notices and in homeroom to check uniform requirements in their diary. In particular:

  • The cardigan is not to be worn as the outer garment to and from school.
  • The school scarf is the only scarf to be worn with the college uniform
  • As of next week and full winter uniform- Blazers MUST be worn as the outer garment to and from school. The consequence for not doing so is an immediate detention.


Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal