From the Assistant Principal

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Physically being present in school is one of the most basic conditions for a student’s success – if students are not in school, they are not learning. Research shows that the quality of teaching is a significant influence on student learning and students cannot learn from their teacher if they do not come to class. Expecting regular attendance in school also helps prepare young people for expectations in the workplace – to be at work on time every day and on time, unless there is a legitimate excuse for absence. When in school, students develop skills in teamwork, relationship building, and collaborative problem-solving. As well, students make friends and participate in activities in school that help them develop socially. 

Parents and teachers have a shared obligation to ensure students are in school every day. Granted, some days students are unwell and cannot attend, however there are times when students stay home a without genuine reason. I would suggest that parents use the Sentral Student Portal to check on overall attendance rates because once they sit below 85%, the College is obliged to send attendance letters of concern home and meet with students and carers should attendance not improve and create a plan to support regular school attendance. Additionally, if students miss class time they run the risk of not meeting the course requirements set out by NESA which can result in not being able to progress to the next stage of their learning.

I trust that we can work together to ensure Bethany students receive the best education they can by being at school each day in order to reach their potential.






Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal