From the Assistant Principal

Student Awards

In Week 1 Term 3, the College will proudly hold it’s Academic Awards Assemblies.  At these events, we will as a College community acknowledge academic excellence and academic effort.   The awards for academic effort are determined primarily by the summative assessment task completed in that semester, though staff may also refer to formative assessment and general class work as well.

The guidelines for these awards state that we should provide three to five academic excellence awards for a full cohort subject.  For smaller subjects such as electives, staff will identify one or two students only to receive these awards.

For students in Stage 6, that is Year 11 and 12, the academic excellence awards are provided to the student ranked first in each course at the end of the semester.  On occasions, there may be multiple students on first place and consequently multiple awards are given.   Academic Effort Awards are presented following a poll of the staff that teach that year and are given to those students, generally 10 to 15 students, who receive the most nominations. 

The parents of award winners should receive an invitation prior to the event and we hope that you can take up this opportunity and be with us on the day.


Return in Term 3

Students will return to the College to commence Term 3 on Monday, 23 July for a normal school day.   What is indicated in the school diary is incorrect

The staff wish all our students a happy and relaxed holiday.


Gregg Conroy

Acting Assistant Principal