From the Assistant Principal

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How to study

Students sometimes ask ‘what is the best way to study?’. The answer, there is no best way, but some ways are proven to be more effective than others and it may take some time to work out what works best for each individual. It is essential that all students try different techniques to see what works best for them. Preferences could also change over time, so it makes sense to at least once a year stop and reflect on approaches to learning. What did you do, what worked, what didn’t, what should you change, what should you keep, and what new things could you try. This is what metacognition’ is all about. It means taking the time to try and understand more about the process of learning and your role as a learner. Students who take a metacognitive approach to their learning are much more likely to improve their results.

How do students find out about different study techniques?

  • Talk to the people around you – friends, siblings, parents – ask them what techniques they have used.
  • Ask your teachers what they would recommend for their subject.
  • Visit the unit on the Study Skills Handbook that covers how to study for tests and exams. You will find lots of active studying strategies and grids to help you plan for exams.

Remember – there is a worst way to study – just reading your notes over and over and hoping the information stays in your head!


Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal