From the Assistant Principal

Staff Development Day: Friday June 5

ap2The Visible Learning Seminar focused on understanding John Hattie’s research on effect sizes, and how as teachers we can focus on using strategies that have the greatest positive impact on student’s learning. The use of statistics and z-scores challenged many of us (like myself) who at times struggle with higher level Mathematics, however we see it as a powerful tool to assist us in measuring the effect our methods have on the progress of the girls in our class, and make adjustments for individual students. Teaching and Learning Coordinators will continue to be involved in Professional Development using Hattie’s research to fine tune the ways we engage with assessment and feedback.



Important dates for Term 2 

  • 15 June: Year 11 2016 Parent Information Evening 7pm
  • 17 June: Athletics Carnival
  • 25 June: 7-11 Parent/student/teacher interviews 4pm-7pm
  • 25 June: Last day of classes for students
  • 26 June: 7-11 Parent/student/teacher interviews 9am-4pm


Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal