From the Assistant Principal

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Farewell speech from the Semester 2 Academic Assembly 

I leave Bethany College today with a wealth of knowledge and memories I will always treasure. I have been blessed, working alongside some of the finest teachers and most dedicated students in my career

I thank you all; Bethany staff, parents and students, both past and present. It is the people who make a place special, and it doesn’t happen by chance. Each and every one of you play a role in making Bethany College the place it is. Every kind or encouraging word you say, every smile you give builds the welcome and acceptance in our school. All the little interactions make a difference.

I say a special thank you to:

  • Those of you who have shared your stories and those who have been willing to forgive one another, even when you have been hurt.
  • Those of you who have taken out earrings and filed nails down and still smiled at me.
  • Those of you who have handed over their phone with simply a sigh and “sorry miss”
  • Those of you who have closed windows and stacked chairs on Friday attendance detention and been happy to have a chat about the coming weekend.
  • Those of you who reminded me that they were one year old when I started here!

I love the way you work with me and make being the Assistant Principal at Bethany College such a rewarding experience

  • To the students who have been in my classes:
    • Who have trusted me when I have asked them to try a new way of learning or remembering.
    • Who have persisted when I hand back a response and say… “it’s good, but it could be better if…” and the next day- I have a rewrite in my hand.
    • Who say thank you at the end of each and every lesson.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be your teacher, because we learn together – I am a better teacher because I have taught you…. and I have learned so much from you.

And thank you to my family whose love and support are at the heart of all I do.

We have all joined the in the journey at Bethany College at different points in our lives, and there comes a time when we leave this path and take another.

Each year Year 7 joins us and each year Year 12 leaves. Each year staff join the community and each year staff leave. Bethany remains – and it is what we, the community make it.

We all grow and change when we are here. When we invest in loving one another, we grow richer, and though it is sad to part, we take each of those relationship and  each of those interactions with us; in every fiber of our being, so we never really leave a place or people behind. They come with us on new adventures.

Girls, always try to live by the motto of Bethany College: Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God…. and you won’t go wrong.

Thank You and God bless you all



Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal