From the Assistant Principal

Welcome to our 2019 school year. I am delighted to join this wonderful community as the Assistant Principal and look forward to getting to know you, the families that make up this community. I have already enjoyed the privilege of meeting a number our Year 7 families at our New Families evening last Friday night and at our Year 7 Welcome Mass last Monday. I also extend my welcome to those families who have joined our community with daughters in Years 8 -11, I look forward to getting to know both you and your daughters.

In the last few weeks I have been so impressed by the girls and the respectful manner in which they returned to school, evident in their relationships, their welcome of new staff and students, their manners, their readiness for learning, respectful engagement in our Opening Mass and in their house spirit evident at last Thursday’s house meetings.  

The readings at our Opening Mass last Thursday reminded us of the variety of gifts with which we have each been blessed, encouraging us to recognise and utilise these gift for the benefit of our community.  In these first few weeks I have already seen these gifts at play in hospitality and welcome, student leadership, music ministry, and service. I look forward to watching them flourish throughout 2019. Please find below a list of co-curricular activities currently on offer at the College.

AFL Athletics
Band Basketball
Choir Cross Country
Dance Debating
Drama Duke of Edinburgh Program (from Year 9)
Fitness Club Gymnastics
Netball Oztag
Public Speaking School Musical
Soccer Social Justice Initiatives
Softball Swimming
Tennis Touch Football

Michael Gross, a parenting expert provides some practical advice about how we as parents can identify and build upon our daughter’s strengths, please find here a link to his article that outlines some practical strategies to support parents in this endeavour. Additionally,  Michael provides some advice specific to those families who have daughters are commencing their high school journey. Parents with daughters in Year 7 are encouraged to read this article found here.

Insight – making a smooth transition to secondary school

Insight – Top 5 strategies to improving your parenting this year

This week we returned to our usual routine of sport on Thursday, both recreational and representative. Congratulations to those who have been selected to represent the College in their chosen sport. Over the past two weeks you would have received information from the College outlining the importance of participation in and our expectations in relation to our Thursday Sport program. Students who attend school on Thursdays are expected to attend and partake in our sports program. Students unable to participate require a medical certificate and a note to be presented to Mrs O’Hare at recess on a Thursday near student services.

On the whole the girls returned to school well attired and dressed in accordance with our expectations pertaining to the wearing of the College Uniform. Pride in the College, in their families and in themselves is reflected in the way in which the girls wear their uniform we therefore request that families refer to the College diary as a reference point regarding uniform. A few important points of note include:

A single pair of plain gold or silver studs or sleepers in the lowest part of the ear lobe.

The only necklace to be worn is a plain gold or silver religious symbol , this should not be able to be seen.

There is to be nothing worn around the wrist and 1 plain gold or silver ring.

There should be no make-up worn to school.  

Today we celebrated the achievements of the graduating class of 2018, of note is the correlation between academic success and attendance. Families are reminded of the importance of maintaining high levels of attendance and informing the school both by phone and by way of letter upon return to school of the reason for their daughters absence. Where possible supporting medical documentation is requested. NESA requires that all student maintain attendance greater than 90 %. Families are reminded they can monitor their daughters attendance through the parent portal on Sentral.  

Furthermore, effective communication between families and the College is pivotal in providing the very best pastoral care for your daughters. From time to time you may need to collect your daughter from school early, have questions about your daughters education or information that may assist us to best support her here at school. For matters relating to attendance parents are asked to address communication to your child’s homeroom teacher. This includes requests for and explanations regarding early leave or late arrival. Significant pastoral issues should be directed to your daughters Year Coordinator a list of which is included below. Matters pertaining to teaching and learning should in the first instance be directed to your child’s teacher and then, if need be the relevant KLA Coordinator. Should additional support be required families are encouraged to seek support from Mrs Mary Matthews (Leader of Wellbeing), Mr Gregg Conroy ( Leader of Curriculum ) or myself as the the Assistant Principal.



Assistant Leader of RE & Mission    Jamie-Lee Wood
English Madeline Walsh
Assistant English Alix Stirling
Mathematics Stephen Bishop
Assistant Mathematics Mark Weber
Science Lynette Trent
Assistant Science Michael Peck
HSIE Kelly Smit
Assistant HSIE David Martin
Learning Support Anna Charas
TAS Sarah Rowland
Performing Arts Clare Moroney
PDHPE Michelle Barrass
Visual Arts Simon McLean
Vocational Learning
Elizabeth Vrahnos
Languages, Teacher in charge Marco Gianni



Year 7   Connie Pikis
Year 8   Laura Golding
Year 9   Theresa Chisari
Year 10   Sylvia Eldahaby
Year 11   Stephen Donlan
Year 12   Katrine Barnes 


Finally, you would understand that your daughter’s safety is paramount both as she travel to and from school as well as whilst she is at school. With that in mind I remind you that supervision begins each day at 8.20am  Additionally, I wish to remind all families that there will be supervision within the school grounds until 3pm following the Swimming carnival, for those needing to maintain their usual travel arrangements home. All other students will be dismissed upon their return to school.

The safety of our students is also an important consideration for parents dropping their daughters to school and collecting them at the end of the school day. Parents collecting their daughters are asked to ensure that you have pre arranged a pick up point and park before collecting your daughters. It is important for us to speak on behalf of the Parish to remind you that the designated parking for the Parish is never to be used by parents. Endeavouring to collect your daughter without parking puts both your daughter’s safety and the safety of others at risk.Westbourne and Haigh streets are recommended as safe collection points. Please remind your daughters that as they exit Waratah street the only safe and permissible place to cross is at the Pedestrian crossing.

Parents and caregivers are asked to familiarise themselves with the parking signs in the vicinity of the school as a breach of these zones may result in significant penalties, including large fines and demerit points. We have recently received several complaints from neighbours about double parking and parking across their driveways.  

NO PARKING ZONES ( Kiss and Drop ) Pick up and drop off area only. You can stop here for a maximum of two minutes to drop off or pick up passengers and must remain within 3 metres of the vehicle.

BUS ZONE  You must NOT stop or park in a bus zone unless you are driving a bus.


The importance of safety further extends to those students travelling to and from school on public transport. Girls are reminded of the importance of respectful and safe behaviour when travelling to and from school on public transport. Our Transport monitors play an important role in assisting us in this endeavour. Students travelling home via bus are reminded of the importance of using their Opal cards every time they embark and disembark from the bus. As you are aware the provision of services is determined as a result of the numbers of students using the service. I would ask you to remind your daughters to ensure that they have their Opal cards with them and tap on and off each time they travel by public transport.

Looking forward to a great 2019.


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal