From the Assistant Principal

This week as you are aware we celebrate two significant community events. Open day on Tuesday and Bethany Day on Friday. Both days provide a wonderful opportunity for staff and students to celebrate what it means to be a member of this community centred around the gospel values and characterised by a sense of hospitality and welcome, justice, tolerance, forgiveness and prayer. Thank you to those families who have made adjustments to their usual Tuesday afternoon routine to allow their daughters to be ambassadors for our College. We are very proud of our students and are delighted by their enthusiasm to welcome others to our community. On Friday we will celebrate our Bethany Day beginning with a Mass and followed by a community day at Carss Park providing an opportunity for staff and students to connect informally and have some fun together.

Bethany Open Day

A reminder that on Tuesday ( Open Day ) school will finish at 12.40pm for those who are not staying to assist with Open Day, School Specials have been booked for 1pm and on Friday students will be dismissed upon our return to the College from Carss Park at around 2.15pm School specials have been booked for 2.20pm.

Digital Technology

At assembly today the girls were reminded of the importance of Respect, for themselves,, for each other and for our College. The College has a clear policy pertaining to the use of mobile phones at school, within the school grounds. This is essentially driven by a desire to protect the girls and ensure their safety, eliminate distractions and ensure a clear focus on learning and teaching to encourage face to face communication and the development of authentic relationships within the school community. Girls are not permitted to have their phones on during the school day and any urgent communication should come via the College Office. Furthermore, girls are not permitted to take any photos of themselves or any other Bethany girls in uniform, nor are they permitted to post comment or image that would identify them as a student of Bethany, the primary reason is their safety.

We would greatly appreciate the support of parents in discussing this with their daughters over the coming week. As we know digital technology poses challenges for each of us as parents and educators of young people. Martine Oglethorpe and accredited speaker of the eSafety Commissioner provides and parents with some insight into questions worth asking in relation to screen time. Her article can be found here.  


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal