From the Assistant Principal

In the past two weeks our world has been rocked by the devastation of the Christchurch shooting. As parents we wish that we could shield our children from the harsh reality of a broken world. Michael Grose parenting expert provides some practical strategies about how we as parents can respond to the confronting to our children in the wake of the devastating stories and images that have emerged in the aftermath of this tragedy. Talking about this devastating event helps to bring to the fore our core value of Justice.


Harmony Day

Last week as a community we celebrated Harmony Day as a community with a range of activities in homeroom to start the day. This day provided a wonderful opportunity for us as a community to celebrate our cultural diversity, our commitment to respect, the promotion of inclusiveness and a sense of belonging. The pride and joy present in the celebration of diversity was certainly evident  and acknowledged of the important part each of us play in building a peaceful world beginning with the promotion of acceptance and the celebration of diversity within our Bethany community. You will see in the Year 8 Harmony Day report an example of the significance of this day for our girls.


Managing Anxiety

As our Year 12’s enter their assessment period we are wish them all the very best and encourage them to remain calm and focused throughout this period, confident in their consistent effort and application. For many this will be a time of nerves and perhaps some anxiety. It is important to remember that anxiety is very normal it is actually and is a  motivator for action. Michael Grose provides some advice for parents seeking ways to support their children when they are anxious. During this time of assessment parents are reminded of the importance of ensuring that their daughters eat well, get sufficient sleep and engage in regular exercise.



Finally just a reminder that the cardigan is not to be worn to and from school without the blazer.


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal