From the Assistant Principal

Over the past few weeks a number of parents have received correspondence regarding their daughters attendance. As Term 1 draws to a close, parents and caregivers are reminded of their responsibilities to inform the school of the reason for their daughters absence within 7 days of the first day of absence. Parents will receive written notification when their daughters’ attendance falls below 90%. Whilst for a small number of families these absence are explained, however, we believe that it is extremely important to notify you of our attendance concerns as we are very aware of the correlation between wellbeing, (including socialisation), academic achievement and attendance. From time to time a small percentage of girls will face challenges in relation to attendance. Parents and caregivers whose daughters are experiencing challenges with attendance are encouraged to contact your daughter’s Year Coordinator at the start of Term 2 to allow us the opportunity to work collaboratively with you to support your daughter.


At the end of a somewhat busy term, the school holidays provide a valuable opportunity for students to have a much earned break from school. The change of routine allows students to slow down and take a break from their often busy routines, including homework and after school activities. There is much research to support the idea that students benefit significantly from the chance to relax, and return to school feeling recharged, engaged and enthusiastic about their learning. The holidays also provide important family time, strengthening bonds and a commitment to the development of shared values, or time for travel and new experiences.  All of which are valuable and worthwhile endeavours.


For our Year 12 students who have just completed a number of assessment tasks, these school holidays provide an important opportunity for students to have a rest and recharge for Term 2. Whilst many students will use this time to work on major works and take the opportunity to ensure that their notes are up to date, it is important that the girls also have some time for themselves and engage in activities of self care. Thanks to the generosity of our staff we are pleased to offer a small number of holiday classes for our Year 12 students. Parents will have received letters outlining the specific details of these classes and should have completed and returned permission slips for each one. Students will be required to meet the teacher in charge at the front gate at the time communicated.


Term 2

Term 2 commences for staff and students on Monday April 29, when we will gather to commemorate ANZAC Day. Girls return in their summer uniform and are reminded that at all times the College Blazer is the outer garment. These holidays provide a timely opportunity to check the length of winter uniforms and to ensure that the girls have everything that they have they need to return confidently in their winter uniforms at the start of Week 3.  A reminder that the Uniform shop is open every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8am-11am, allowing girls to purchase anything they need before the start of week 3.



Parents are reminded that supervision at Bethany begins each morning at 8.20am, when the buildings are opened for the girls to access their lockers.  Please note that afternoon supervision concludes  following the departure of the last school special. Should any student waiting to board a public bus after this time experience any difficulties or have any concerns they are encouraged to go to the College Office which is open until 4pm each afternoon.


Bus Route M41

Please note that following communication from Transit Systems please be advised that Route M41 will be renumbered and will now be route 410 operating between Hurstville and Macquarie Park. There will be NO change to the timetable, number of trips or the route operated.


Congratulations to all all our girls on a fabulous Term 1, I have been impressed with your enthusiasm, welcome, commitment to learning, their enthusiasm and participation in a range of extracurricular activities, and their support of one another. I wish you and your families a happy and holy Easter and an enjoyable school holiday period, and to those travelling, safe travels.  


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal