From the Assistant Principal

On Tuesday of this week Year 11/12 students and their parents had the opportunity to engage in Parent/ Teacher interviews and receive valuable feedback on their progress to date in their respective course. Whilst the feedback provided through these interviews and through their reports is important in for ones development it is the way in which one responds to the feedback that plays a significant role in moving forward. Carol Dweck has undertaken much research in the area of fixed and growth mindsets, highlighting the importance of a growth mindset in response to feedback. A fixed mindsets assumes that we are born with finite talents and abilities, that our creativity, intelligence and character are fixed. In contrast a growth mindset values feedback as a constructive tool in

A growth mindset is future focussed and thrives on challenges. It is future focussed, promotes confidence and encourages persistence. Furthermore, students who adopt a growth mindset recognise the need to apply themselves in order to achieve success and willingly push themselves beyond their comfort zone in order to stretch themselves and improve. We encourage girls to adopt a growth mindset when working seeking to build upon the feedback they received both at Parent/Teacher interviews and in their reports.


Winter Uniform – Many thanks to all our families for your support in relation to the ways that girls have returned in their winter uniform. A reminder that blazers must be the outer garment when travelling to and from school.


Staff Development Day – June 11

Please note that on Tuesday June 11, that is the Tuesday following the long weekend, the College will be closed. Staff will be engaged in professional learning focussed on staff and student Wellbeing.   


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal