From the Assistant Principal

It is hard to believe we are at the end of another term, one that has provided your daughters with countless opportunities to shine. I want to congratulate and thank the girls for their contributions in the classroom, sporting field, debating and performing arts. I hope that they feel a great sense of pride in their achievements this term.  The holidays provide a chance for the girls to recharge, enjoy the downtime at the end of a very busy term and catch up on their sleep; undertake exercise and for families to enjoy some quality time together. At this end of the term the adolescents sometimes report feeling over extended and over tired. They often look forward to the change of routine and the reduced amount of structure that comes with the school holidays. The additional space that comes with the holidays also provides an opportunity to develop their independence. Michael Gross provides some valuable tips for how to encourage independence in our children. Please find a copy of his article here. 






















































Unexplained Absences

As many of you would be aware last week we sent emails requesting parents to explain any unexplained absences. This email will be sent fortnightly on a Friday afternoon and will assist parents/ carers to ensure that all absences are explained.  It is important to remember that you cannot reply to the SMS in order to explain the absence. Rather, we request that you click on the link provided in the SMS, then explain the absence. Please note that this link expires after 3 days, after which point parents will need to log into the Compass portal in order to explain any unexplained absences. Additionally, parents are able to write an absence note explaining their daughters absence. These notes should be handed to the office staff at the College. Many thanks to all parents who have responded to our requests to explain absences. 


Important Dates to Remember

Thank you to all our families for your support throughout Term 2. Please find below a list of important dates for the start of Term 3 

  • Tuesday 23 July Optional Year 10 Subject Selection Interviews 
  • Tuesday 23 July Performing Arts Showcase evening commencing at 6pm.
  • Wednesday 24 July Semester 1 Academic Awards ceremonies on Wednesday 24th July. 
  • Thursday 25 July HSC Drama Trials
  • Friday 26 July St Michael’s Parish concert 
  • Monday 29 July P & F Meeting 
  • Wednesday 31 July Year 9 2020 Subject Selection evening 
  • Monday 5 August HSC Trials begin

Wishing you and your family an enjoyable break. We look forward to seeing the girls return to their full winter uniform on Monday July 22nd. 


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal