From the Assistant Principal

This week I wish to take the opportunity to remind both parents and their daughters of the importance of exercising caution when travelling to and from school. Regardless of how the girls travel to school each day they have an important role to play in ensuring their own safety as well as those of others. Many of the tips below may seem like common sense, however, I encourage parents to have a conversation about the importance of being aware of their surroundings and the activities going on around them as well as the dangers of distraction when traveling to and from school.

At the end of the school day many girls are keen to ensure that they make the first bus, the early train or are among the first to be picked up. Many are also keen to reconnect with their family and friends via their phones and social media accounts. Such hurriedness coupled with distraction of the mobile phones can be dangerous. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their daughters the need to ensure that they are concentrating at all times and are mindful of the large number of girls entering and exiting the College at the beginning of the school day. Being aware of your own surrounding and the behaviours of those with whom you share the space is important in ensuring the safety of all. 

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to discuss the following with their daughters:

  • The importance of not rushing or pushing in order to make an early bus or train, always ensure that your daughter has adequate time between school and any after school commitments she may have.  
  • The dangers of distractions, including mobile phones or even chatting with friends as they cross the road or board the bus or train. 
  • The importance of following the road rules and signals, despite how much time they think they might be able to predict the behaviour of motorists, teenagers are rarely able to accurately judge the speed and distance of approaching vehicles. 
  • The need to stand well back from the kerb when waiting for a bus or to be picked up, particularly as a vehicle is pulling up and never cross in front or behind a bus as the vision of other drivers may be obscured by the bus. 
  • That if they notice any unusual or concerning behaviour of either another student of the College or a member of the community they should report it immediately to Mrs Hughes, Mrs Matthews or their year coordinator so that we might work collaboratively to continue to ensure the safety of our girls. 


Art and Design Showcase evening

A reminder that this Wednesday night is our Art and Design Showcase evening. We look forward to welcoming many families to celebrate the creative achievements of the girls in this domain. We know that they will take great pride and delight in showcasing their work. The evening begins in Yallunga Hall at 6pm. 


Winter Sport Uniform Reminder

Hoodies are not permitted to be worn under the College tracksuit.  The polar fleece as shown below is available for purchase from the Uniform shop for a cost of $45.00 for those who require additional clothing on cold days.


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal