From the Assistant Principal

Welcome to Term 4 and we hope that the recent break provided a wonderful opportunity for the girls to recharge and spend some quality time with their families ahead of what promises to be another busy term. 

Our Year 12 students are currently in the midst of their HSC examinations, our Year 11 students are commencing their Year 12 work and whilst  Years 7 – 10 students are working towards their assessment tasks for the year. The College staff are committed to working with daughters to ensure that they achieve their best in all aspects of College life throughout the term. 



Thank you to those girls and their families who have made a significant effort to ensure that they returned to school in their full summer uniform. As is frequently the case over a 4 month period many of our girls have grown significantly taller,leaving their tunics and skirts shorter than our College policy. It is expected that both the tunic and the skirt are knee length. It would be greatly appreciated if parents and caregivers could ensure that their daughter’s uniform meets our expectations, making the necessary adjustments where required. Additionally, a number of students, particularly on Sports days are not wearing the College socks. At the start of a new term we encourage you to revisit our uniform expectations as outlined in the Student Planner. Finally, a reminder that College blazer is to be the outer garment when travelling to and from school, the College cardigan may be worn throughout the school day. 



We have recently been asked to remind all students and their families that, in order to access free public transport to and from school, students must be in possession of an Opal Card. It is an expectation that students are to tap on and off each and every time they catch a bus or train.The use of an Opal Card not only proves their eligibility for free transport, but it ensures the continuation of school transport services by creating evidence of a need. 



We look forward to our production of Annie Jnr the Musical this coming Thursday and Friday evening at the Marana Hall Hurstville. The cast and crew are very excited to present the culmination of their hard work and effort throughout the year. There are still a limited number of seats available for those wishing to come and support the girls. It promises to be a great production and is sure to make you smile.



A reminder that the Year 11 Parent/Teacher/Student interviews will be held in Yallunga Hall on Tuesday, 5 November from 4.00 – 7.30pm.



On Monday at 7pm we have our final Parents & Friends Meeting for the year in the College Library.  Les Salisbury our P&F President whose daughter graduates this year  will be be farewelled and  the election for positions for 2020 will take place.  At this meeting our new Student Leaders will share the vision for student leadership for 2020


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal