From the Assistant Principal

At Bethany College, we value quality relationships and are committed to promoting an environment characterised by respect and consideration for one another, where each member of the community is valued for who they are.  In the coming weeks’ students in Years 8-9  will hear from our Police Schools Liaison Officer who will address students on the rights and responsibilities of young people in relation to bullying and safe partying. This discussion will extend to safety in the digital world. Years 7- 10 will also have the opportunity to participate in the Digital Thumbprint program, presented by Optus  which is designed to equip the girls with the skills that they need to navigate the digital space whilst ensuring their security, helping them to protect their identity, make good decisions, teaching them how to have a balanced approach to the use of technology whilst maintaining respectful relationships.

The article “Strengthen Kids self-esteem in the digital world” by Martine Oglethorpe, reminds us of the potential impact of social media on a young person’s self-esteem and provides some valuable tips to assist parents. I encourage parents to discuss with their daughters over the coming weeks the content of these presentations and the importance of being mindful about the impact of their words and actions. Personal information including passwords should never be shared. At Bethany, we are committed to the promotion of positive relationships both in-person and online. We do not tolerate bullying of any form and believe that it impacts on the rights of individuals to be happy and to learn and has the potential to cause girls to feel somewhat isolated and unhappy. Should you have any concerns in relation to your daughters wellbeing I encourage you to make contact with your daughter’s Year Coordinator. 

Parent / Teacher / Student Interviews

Last Tuesday night was Year 11 Parent/ Student/ Teacher interviews, this provided a wonderful opportunity for us to affirm the efforts of the girls throughout the Preliminary course and to offer some advice and direction at the commencement of our HSC course. Thank you to all those who attended. If you were unable to attend this evening Year 11 reports will be available for collection from the College following parent contact. 

Year 10 Drama

On Tuesday night our Year 10 Drama students will present their production of Living Lady Macbeth. This performance will commence at 6.30pm in the theatre, the cost of entry is a gold coin donation. On Monday the 18th of November we have our Music Performance Evening, which provides a wonderful opportunity for students who have been involved in the music lessons with private tutors through the College to showcase their work. These performances will commence at 6pm in the College theatre. We look forward to welcoming families to join us in the celebration of their daughter’s talents.

Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal