From the Assistant Principal

As we enter into the holiday period I just wanted to thank all our families for their support over the past year. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to walk the journey with you and your daughters. I hope that the holidays provide an opportunity for rest, rejuvenation and connection. From time to time young people may experience some feelings of loneliness or change in mood, Headspace have provided the following factsheet for parents to access over the holidays Keeping Healthy Over the Holidays.  Additionally they have shared a link to key support services both locally and Australia wide for both students and parents, raising children’s network and parentline.

As we enjoy the warmth of the summer and the holidays come to an end, it would be greatly appreciated if all parents/caregivers and students could be mindful that when returning to the College for 2020 it is an expectation that all students be suitably dressed in their summer uniform. Families are reminded that additional piercings, false nails, eyelashes and hair styles outside our expectations should be avoided to prevent any inconvenience to families at the start of next year. Additionally, all skirts and dresses should be worn to the middle of the knee or below. Please refer to the College uniform and expectations outlined in the student planner if you have any concerns. 


All students should be ready to commence lessons as of Day 1 by having their laptop fully charged, writing utensils and other equipment and textbooks available for learning.


I wish you and your family a very happy and holy christmas. May your hearts and homes be filled with the peace of Christmas. We look forward to seeing the girls in Year 8-12  return to school eager to start the new school year on Friday Jan 31st. 


Important dates to remember 

5/2 Year 7 Information evening

10/2 P&F meeting 

11/2 Year 7 photo day 

14/2 College Swimming Carnival  


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal