From the Assistant Principal

Welcome Back

A warm welcome to new and returning students for 2020. Many thanks to the vast majority of families who have ensured that the girls have returned wearing their summer uniform with pride. The way in which the girls wear their uniform speaks volumes about the pride they have in our Bethany community, the pride they have in their families and themselves. It sets a solid foundation for the year ahead, for if  we take care of the little things the bigger things often have a way of taking care of themselves. A detailed epxalanantion of our unfiorm policy can be found on page19 of the 2020 Student Planner. 


Before and After School Pick Up

A reminder to  parents dropping their daughters  off before school that all students should be dropped off in Waratah Street. As a matter of courtesy, parents and carers are reminded NOT to park in the Nursing home,  parish or primary school carparks for drop off or pick up. Please be mindful of the number of students entering and exiting the College at the beginning and end of the school day. Parents are further reminded that  dropping off or picking up in the surrounding streets needs to be done following the local road rules.If you are picking your up and are stopping and or waiting in marked ‘No Stopping or No Parking Areas’ council have indicated that they will be fining offenders. 



Supervision at the College commences at 8.20am each morning, at this time the buildings will be open and the girls are able to access their lockers and organise themselves for the day ahead. The warning bell  rings at 8:35am, it is expected that all students will be on site by this time and be ready for Homeroom, the official start of the school day at 8.40am. The school day concludes at 2:57pm with supervision for the loading of school specials departing from both Croydon Rd and Forest Rd. 



From time to time you may need to communicate with the College regarding your daughters academic or pastoral needs. We encourage you to contact the College and welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with you to ensure the best outcomes for your daughter. If the issue is related to a particular subject the most appropriate person to speak to is the subject teacher, your daughter can assist by providing you with her teachers name. If the issue continues we encourage you to make contact with the Teaching and Learning Coordinator for that particular subject. Please find below a list of our Teaching and Learning Coordinators and teachers in charge of subjects for your reference. 


Leader of Learning  Mr Gregg Conroy 

Leader of Religious Education and Mission Mrs Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Teaching Mr Dorian Kipriotis

English Ms Madeline Walsh 

Mathematics Ms Amanda Brooker  

Science Mrs Michael Peck 

HSIE Mrs Kelly Smit 

TAS Mrs Sarah Rowland

PDHPE Mrs Michelle Barass

Performing Arts Mrs Clare Moroney

Visual Arts Mr Simon McLean

VET Coordinator  Mrs Gabreille Killorn 

Languages Mr Marco Gianni 

Learning Support Coordinator Mrs Anna Charas 

Teacher/Librarian Mrs Damienne Forrester / Mrs Jennifier Simonetta


If the matter is of a pastoral nature please contact your daughters Homeroom teacher, the relevant year coordinator as listed below or Mrs Matthews our Leader of Wellbeing. 

Year 12 Mr Steve Donlan 

Year 11 Ms Sylvia Eldahaby

Year 10 Mrs Melanie Bullock 

Year 9 Mrs Theresa Chisari

Year 8 Mrs Katrine Barnes 

Year 7 Mrs Connie Pkis 


Additional staff contacts 

Careers Advisor Mr Steve Donlan

Student Leadership Coordinator Mrs Rachael Colreavy

Youth Ministry Coordinator Mr Sebastian Laguzza 

Representative Sports Coordinator Mrs Lauren Feeney 

Recreational Sports Coordinator Mrs Nora Straker


Parent contact during the school day 

Should parents need to pick up their child  or make contact during the school day we ask that you make contact with the school beforehand so that the College can attempt to ensure that your daughter is ready. A note on the morning of the day she is being picked up is always best and is school policy. Should an unexpected circumstance arise during the school day, we ask you to make contact through the College Office and we will ensure that your daughter receives any important communication. Please do not message your daughter on her phone or laptop at any time during the school day. 

Students have been informed that they are NOT TO USE THEIR MOBILE PHONES to contact parents at any time. If students are sick or feel unwell they are to report to Student Services where the College will follow normal procedures and make the necessary calls home at that point. It would be greatly appreciated if  parents and carers could please remind their children of this process and assist us in this endeavour.



Finally, I wish to alert you to a new process regarding detentions for 2020. All detentions for 2020 will be scheduled for Tuesday afternoon from 3pm-4pm. Students who fail to attend their scheduled detention will be required to attend detention on the Friday of that week. This detention will be 1 ½ hours in duration and will run from 3pm – 4.30pm each Friday afternoon.  


Public Transport 

Parents are asked to ensure that their daughters have their Opal card on them at all times and remember to tap on and tap off at the commencement and conclusion of each journey. As a community we expect that the girls will behave in a manner that is aligned with the Bethany values and will always make way for members of the public. Supervision extends to the loading of school specials. Girls waiting for public buses are reminded of the importance of doing so safely. 


I look forward to your support throughout 2020 as we work together in the interest of your daughter.  


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal