From the Assistant Principal

Many parents may be aware of the recent resurgence in what is commonly referred to as vaping. This is particularly popular with adolescents at the moment. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the facts surrounding the use of e-cigarettes and have a conversation with their daughters about both the legalities and dangers of vaping. Please find here a link to a fact sheet published by the Royal Hospital for Children in February of this year. Additionally, a short video link can be found here to help better understand vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. The following tips may help in facilitating effective conversations 


  • Ensure that the conversation is based on the facts, share the facts with your daughter and consider watching the short video together. 
  • Be patient and ready to listen, encourage them to ask you any questions that they might have.
  • Timing is everything, look for a time when you can start the conversation naturally.
  • Keep the conversation going, look for opportunities to revisit this conversation in the coming weeks, reminding them of the dangers and repeating the message can help them to understand the dangers. 


Families should be aware e-cigarettes/vapes may not look like what you would expect but rather may look like a highlighter or a small usb. They are often fruit flavoured and so you may not detect the smell easily. Most importantly they are illegal for anyone under the age of 18 and despite a commonly held misconception they generally do contain nicotine. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the facts and have this important conversation with your daughter. 



The College’s good standing in the community is a reflection of the behaviour and presentation of our students in public. The pride and effort taken in the way in which the uniform is worn directly reflects on our students.  The way in which most of our students meet these high expectations is pleasing and is frequently a source of positive comment in the wider community. Unfortunately, there are a number of girls whose skirt/tunic length does not currently meet our standards. Skirts and tunics are required to be knee length. If your daughter’s skirt is currently shorter than this I ask that you please attend to this as a matter of urgency, in most cases this will simply require a lowering of the hem. Alternatively the College uniform shop is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, between 8 and 11am for those that need to purchase new items.

A reminder to parents driving their daughters to not use the Car Park as a drop off zone. 

A reminder to students and families that as the girls leave school at the end of each day they are required to go directly home, unless accompanied by a parent. This is of particular importance for our Year 7 -10 students who are currently dismissed at 12.40pm on a Thursday.  We encourage the girls to make use of the time usually allocated to school sport to engage in regular physical activity. This is highly beneficial for both physical and mental health,  promoting good sleeping patterns, helping to build confidence, manage stress and build positive self esteem.

Next Friday, June 19 is College Photo Day. Whilst there will be no group photos taken this year, due to the ongoing commitment to the health and safety of our community. Advanced Life Photography will put together a composite Homeroom photo, using individual portraits for those wishing to purchase a group photo. All orders should be made online prior to Friday. Students are expected to be wearing their full winter uniform and ensure that their hair, jewellery etc are in alignment with our College policy.


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal