From the Assistant Principal

As we head towards the end of term and prepare for the holidays I would like to commend the girls and thank each of our families for the way in which you have worked with us to  navigate a changing and at times challenging space, not just for us locally, but nationally and globally. Your flexibility and adaptability have allowed us to continue to provide a space where we have been able to contribute to the growth of the girls intellectually, spiritually and in relation to their character. We are very proud of each of our Bethany girls, not only when they do well but when they are able to stand up and take responsibility for their choices and actions, when they are able to consider the impact on others and are able to be honest about their behaviours, reflecting positively on them as individuals, as members of their families and as a members of our community. It is our hope that throughout this semester the girls have learnt something about themselves as a learner and as a person in relationship with others. 

These holidays, thankfully, will be quite different to the Easter holidays, as a result of the easing of restrictions will  provide a valuable opportunity for the girls to rest, relax and regroup. These holidays the girls may also have  an opportunity to connect with one another beyond the school gate. As always, families are encouraged to talk to their daughters about the importance of ensuring that their choices and behaviour, including online behaviour is a true reflection of their values and is both safe and supportive of others. 

In our last Newsletter I alerted parents to the increased popularity of vaping among young people.  The use of Nitrous Oxide commonly referred to as Nangs is also increasing in popularity among young people at present and it is important for parents and young people to know the facts and the dangers associated with inhaling this gas. Many would recognise the image below as a bulb or cartridge used to whip cream, as such these are readily available, particularly online and are very cheap at the average cost of $1. The gas from these canisters is most commonly inhaled, by discharging the gas cartridges into a balloon or sometimes directly into the mouth, producing what is described as a feeling of exhilaration or floating that generally lasts for just a short period of time. Many young people believe that this is harmless and liken it to inhaling helium from a balloon. However, like all drugs this has the potential to result in long term psychological and physical health issues. Parents are encouraged to read carefully the fact sheet found here and ensure that your daughter is aware of the dangers. 

Whilst many girls may enjoy the freedom of the school holidays to have acrylic nails, eyelash extensions and the like,  please be reminded that our expectations in relation to uniform, behaviour and attendance will remain high and at the commencement of next term, therefore,  all girls are expected to return to school in Term 3 wearing our uniform with pride and ready to learn.



Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal