From the Assistant Principal

Tell Them From Me Survey

At the beginning of next week all families will receive an email which will include the link to the Tell Them From Me Survey as outlined in our last Newsletter. This is a system wide survey that will allow for benchmarking across the system as well as provide some valuable feedback for us as a school community. Each family will be provided with a unique username and password to login to the platform in order to complete the survey anonymously. We value your feedback very much, therefore  I strongly encourage each family to take the time to complete this survey.

Year 12 

We are less than two weeks away from Year 12 undertaking their Trial HSC exams. Thanks to the generosity of our staff we have been pleased to be able offer extended Library hours for our Year 12 students. The opportunity for the girls to study collaboratively builds confidence and promotes a sense of calm in the lead up to these exams. The girls have made great use of this opportunity, we are very proud of their dedication and focus at this time. 

Mobile Phones and Lockers

A reminder that mobile phones are not permitted to be turned on during the school day. Parents are reminded that they should wish to contact their daughter urgently to please do so via the College office. The use of mobile phones during the school day significantly diminishes their capacity to actively engage in their learning. Families are reminded that the first offence in relation to a mobile phone results in the confiscation of the device and a warning, subsequent offences result in a detention and the need to hand the phone in at Student Services each day. 

Furthemore, I would like to remind families of the responsibility of each student to ensure that their locker is locked at all times during the school day to ensure the safety and security of their belongings. Many students are inclined to leave their locker unlocked, The College accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any property.  

Study Skills Tips

Finally, at the beginning of a new semester I would like to remind families of the value of helping your daughter to set some realistic and achievable goals for the semester ahead. Dr Prue Salter of Enhanced Learning provides some tips to assist students to make the most of their learning in Semester 2.  At the bottom of these tips are the login details for the study skills handbook. I strongly encourage you to make use of this resource.


USERNAME:  bethanyhurstville

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Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal