From the Creative Arts Prefect

During the Year 12 exam block, the Visual Arts seniors submitted their body of work progress for marking. This provides a glimpse into the thought process and efforts of each student over the past two terms in creating a major body of work that demonstrates their conceptual and technical refinement. 
Across the two classes, a variety of mediums and concepts have been used to create each student’s major works. Ranging from watercolours and acrylics, charcoal to graphite and photography to digital illustration, the variety of mediums used reflect the diverse talent and individuality each visual arts student has. 
Students have also been motivating others through feedback and constructive criticism of each others’ works throughout the process, providing a whole range of perspectives and creating a welcoming atmosphere in the senior art rooms.
Students such as Megan Mendoza also have given their own advice for students who are planning to do Visual Arts and their own body of works in the future:
“My advice would be to just enjoy it, don’t think of it as a project of school but to think about why to chose your interest in painting it as if it’s like the story of your life.”
The progress of these bodies of works overall shows the outstanding talent the Year 12 cohort have and what the college should look forward to seeing in the coming months!
Carina Cunha – Year 12