From the Languages and Culture Prefect

Learning Languages = Fun, Healthy and Prospective

Did you know FACTS:

  • There are about 7,000 languages in the world.
  • There are 2,400 languages classified as being ‘endangered’.
  • 231 languages are now completely extinct.
  • One language dies about every 14 days.


Reasons to learn a language:

  • Open up a world of job opportunities
  • Gives your brain a boost through memory improvement, longer attention span, reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline
  • Become a better learner – once you have learnt a language it is easier to learn another one


Here at Bethany we allow you to learn either Italian [in year 8 compulsory] or Japanese and French [9-12 as an elective], however you are not limited to those two languages. You are able to take part in the amazing government funded Saturday Community School of Languages, which provides you with various languages to pick from and you can learn it at one of the many campus they have.


Tamara Dos Reis

Languages and Culture Prefect