From the Leader of Wellbeing

Student medical and health information 2021                 

A reminder that parents/guardians have a responsibility to advise the school of their child’s medical and health information and the particular requirements for the management of their child’s medical needs. Medical and health information must be updated annually at the commencement of every school year. If your child has a medical condition that requires regular medication or is on a medical plan, please provide an updated Action Plan from your Medical Practitioner. It would be greatly appreciated if these Action Plans can be given to the school office by 12 February.



If a student is absent from school, parents/guardians have a legal requirement to explain their child’s absence

There are several ways that a parent/guardian can explain their daughter’s absence at Bethany.

  1. Ring the College the morning of your daughter’s absence and explain the reason for her absence.
  2. Explain your daughter’s absence on Compass
  3. Hand in a written note, signed by a parent explaining the reason for the absence.

If parents have not explained their child’s absence by 10.30am on the morning of the absence, parents/guardians will receive a Compass notification. Parents are required to click on the link provided in the Compass notification and follow the prompts to explain their  daughter’s absence. Parents are reminded that this link expires in 72 hours.  

If parents have not explained their child’s absence (whole and partial) within 7 days, they will receive an email requiring them to provide a reason for their child’s absence.


Safer Internet Day 2021

On Tuesday 9 February Bethany College will be celebrating Safer Internet Day. The theme for 2021 is Together for a better internet’.  

Safer Internet Day is a great chance for parents/guardians to talk to their daughters about safe and responsible internet use.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to visit the eSafetyCommissioner website for information and advice on how to start the chat.


Mary Matthews
Leader of Wellbeing