From the Leader of Wellbeing

Gold Awards

Last week, at our College assembly, we celebrated five Year 11 students who achieved a Gold award.

These students have earnt 108 teacher commendations and received a Student of Excellence badge.

Teachers can award a student a teacher commendation for a number of areas including; classwork, homework, behaviour, uniform and contribution to the community life of the College.


The following students are congratulated for achieving a Gold Award:

Eleni Alabasinis

Bilha Baby

Kiara Masella

Laurin Perera

Gisele Valdez



October Mental Health Month

During October, the College celebrated Mental Health Month. The College held a colouring competition to promote the theme for mental health month ‘Tune in’.

The winner of the competition was Melissa Peonidis from Year 9. Congratulations Melissa.




Parenting Ideas: Disarming anxiety before it becomes a disorder.

Anxiety is a common occurrence in modern day society. Beyond Blue statistics states 1 in

14 children experience an anxiety disorder.

The following article, by Michael Grose, one of Australiaʼs leading parenting educators, provides some information on the importance of early detection and some tools to assist parents.

Click here to read the article: Disarming anxiety before it becomes a disorder


Mary Matthews

Leader of Wellbeing