From the Science Department

Our wattle seeds have spent almost three months on the International Space Station (ISS) and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival at the College at some point in June/July after they return to Earth and clear customs and quarantine. Our space seeds will arrive with kits that will also include seeds that did not go into space, a seedling starter tray kit and growth medium (see below). 

We will be following strict instructions that will also be followed by students in other schools around the country, taking a variety of measurements related to each plant so that we can determine if there has been any impact upon the seeds as a result of them going into space.

In the meantime, the One Giant Leap Australia Foundation is organising a number of online events that are exclusive to Seeds in Space schools, and part of the overall ‘What’ll Happen to The Wattle??!’ program. They include talks with:

  • Professor Greg Chamitoff about living and working in space. He is a former NASA astronaut.
  • Liam Kennedy from ‘ISS Above’ about the ISS and how you can see the Earth from the ISS and other amazing facts.
  • JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Australian Space Agency and Australia Japan Foundation (TBC).
  • Todd Barber (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) about landing the Perseverance rover on Mars on 19 February (TBC).

We look forward to providing opportunities for our students to participate in these events. We also expect to go live very soon if you would like more information.

Until then, enjoy watching live footage from the ISS.

Michael Peck

Science Coordinator