Geography Excursion – Camp Coutts

On Friday 4 November, Year 7 classes, 7T, 7O and 7G went to Camp Coutts waterfall in the Heathcote National Park. There we met our guides for the day, Don and Mershele. We walked to a break in the vegetation where we sat and learnt various new geographic tools and skills. These included map skills, using animals as indicator species and learning characteristics of leaves to determine what tree they came from. Next, we split into groups to test the moisture of the soil, the PH balance of the soil, the canopy coverage and the height of the trees. Down at the water, we caught different animals such as the Spiny Sydney crayfish, freshwater prawns, tadpoles, back swimmers and the whirligig bug. After this, we met back as a group to identify and share our findings. Despite it being such a hot day, we had a lot of fun and it was a great learning experience for everyone.  

 – Olivia McDonald and Livia Nguyen