Girls in Science Forum

On the 13th of November 2019, 12 students went on an excursion to UNSW (University of New South Wales) to participate in L’Oréal Australia presents Girls in Science Forum 2019. The event consisted of different activities such as the forum, expo, lecture and a tour of the campus. The Dean of Science for UNSW, Professor Emma Johnston discussed the issues of negative stereotypes and the lack of role models for girls who are considering entering a career involving science. 

It was truly a rewarding experience as we got to meet a panel of five women who are aiming to rectify the gender gap in science. I felt very inspired by each of the women as they explained their contribution to science as well as the aim of their clinical research. They also elaborated on their journeys to become the scientists that they are today. Each female was awarded a $25,000 grant that could be used for any purpose including equipment towards research, travel and childcare. The audience was then offered the opportunity to ask the 5 alumni questions regarding their research and occupation. 

Following the forum, we participated in an expo which contained different stalls for the STEM courses that UNSW offers. There were a variety of stalls for students to participate, including Medical Sciences, Optometry and Vision Science, Mathematics and Statistics and Psychology. We were privileged to meet students studying each STEM course as well as the professors who specialise in these courses, who acted as role models. This allowed us to investigate further and gain an overview of the courses.

Our day concluded with a tour of the campus. We got to view the technology used by engineering students, science labs and lecture theatres. The tour enabled us to catch a glimpse of the UNSW campus as a possible pathway to our future education. Overall, the excursion to Australia’s most prestigious university was a rewarding experience which allowed us to become inspired for our future endeavours as girls interested in a career revolving around science. 


Hayley Eskander – Year 9