GOLD Duke of Edinburgh Award

Over 4 days recently, five intrepid Bethany students completed their 4 day qualifying expedition into the rugged Budawang Ranges of Morton National Park. The girls planned, executed and led the expedition and now fittingly join an elite group of only 12 students in the College who have achieved a Duke Gold. The group included Gabrielle LYNCH, Maria NICHOLAS, Alice KENT, Lilie JOSEPH and Sophie MANNING. The girls showed tremendous resilience, leadership, physical and mental strength to carry their 15 kilo backpacks over 46 kilometres all whilst navigating and reassessing problems and routes in order to complete their journey. All on the days after completing their HSC, it is an excellent example of what Bethany girls can do. Many thanks to Mr Lynch, Mr Nicholas and Mr Roberts for their generous support with transport and Ms Andrews for her participation in also completing both gold expeditions. Congratulations to all of you for what you have achieved as I know you already have a bronze and silver award in Duke.



Gregg Conroy                                                                                                Russell Roberts

Leader of Learning                                                                                       Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator