GROK Coding Competition

​Congratulations to Amanda McGilchrist​ (Year 9) for competing in the Grok Online Coding Intermediate competition over the last five weeks and for having achieved a High Distinction. Amanda was ranked within the Top 30 of the competition for the entire five weeks, her efforts are to be congratulated. 
Leanne Algama and Serafina Paletto both Year 9 students also are to be congratulated for competing in the Beginner’s division. Leanne received a credit for her  skills, whilst Serafina battled glitches and bugs to achieve a participation. The students will receive their certificates and prizes during the next full school assembly.
At Bethany we are proving GIRLS CAN CODE! and other coding competitions will be open to students throughout the year, more information will be posted on Sentral in the coming weeks.
Theresa Napoli