Hairspray Jnr

In February of 2017, the bar was set high as our cast of Bethany girls and Kogarah Marist boys embarked on a journey to create a relentlessly upbeat performance full of energy, colour and a lot of hairspray! Rehearsals were held during sport and afterschool where harmonies were skilfully designed by Mrs Moroney, scenes diligently assembled by Mr Bernardo and dances artistically choreographed by Mrs Kekatos. Along the way, we as a cast recognised and appreciated eachother’s talents whilst encouraging one another to strive for their very best each rehearsal. Our Hairspray musical production certainly required time, focus and hard work which was indeed challenging yet nevertheless exciting.

Then it was show time! The Hurstville Entertainment Centre set the stage to showcase our vivacious performance during production week which saw the cast grow even closer. We came together before and after each show with an overwhelming amount of pride which was celebrated by singing our ritual song “Lean On Me”. For many it was their first musical, others their second, and some even their third – though no one can deny we all found our place on that stage and made enduring memories and so many more new friendships.

– Rochelle Stevenson, Performing Arts Prefect 2018