Harmony Day – Year 8

On March 21st, Year 8 celebrated Harmony Day by participating in a range of activities in home room which were designed to raise awareness about our multicultural country and promote inclusiveness and respect for all people. Some of the activities were:

  • Starting with a prayer asking God to guide them in valuing and appreciating those who differ from them and the recognising the gifts brought by other cultures.
  • Making a class mind map of their favourite things about their culture and writing down where they came from. This was then hung on their classroom door for the day so that all visitors to that room could read them.
  • Cutting out Harmony Day dolls and writing things on them such as their country of origin, another language that they speak in their family, “welcome” or “harmony” translated into another language, their favourite food, their favourite holiday or what harmony means to them.
  • Playing a Bingo/Trivia game with fun facts and team building activities. See some of the questions below and test yourself!  

Find out what the Aboriginal word ‘Tidda’ means.  

Bougatsa is a dish from which country?

In 2016, what percentage of Australia’s population was born overseas?

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Where does this bible verse come from?

‘Huānyíng’ means ‘welcome’ in which language?

Some comments about the day:

I think this links to our value of acceptance as Harmony Day promotes eliminating racial discrimination and because of this, we learn to accept people for who they are and realise we shouldn’t judge them by how they look, what they like, what they wear and especially not their race/background. We got to play BINGO and it was so fun as the whole homeroom was contributing and racing to find answers on our computers if we did not know them. Although I didn’t win, it was still such a fun activity where everyone was smiling or laughing – Marianne Sarmiento

I liked the posters because everyone could participate and find out what languages and backgrounds people have – Kelsey Kelly

We learnt what was valued by our homeroom, for some of us it was the food and for others it was traditions like their independence day or christenings – Katerina Papadopoulos

I learnt a few new things but one of them was that Bethany girls come from a lot of different places from around the world – Shannon Ho

I learnt to always accept others and to not always think about yourself – Claudia Langlaver


Thank you to the girls, their homeroom teachers and year assistants for embracing the day.


Laura Golding

Year 8 Coordinator