Headspace Hurstville

What is headspace?

headspace centres act as a one-stop-shop for young people who need help with mental health, physical health, work and study support.

Our 100+ centres are designed not just for young people, but with them, to ensure they are relevant, accessible and highly effective. As a result, no two headspace centres are the same, with each offering unique services that reflect the needs of its local community.

Where is the nearest headspace centre?

The local headspace for the Bethany community is located at 41 Dora Street, Hurstville. Phone  (02) 8048 3350

What is on offer in Term 3 at headspace Hurstville?

Headspace offers a variety of services. In term 3, headspace Hurstville have the following services and groups available:

Service delivery

  • headspace is continuing with Telehealth/Zoom appointments, with limited face-to-face appointments. Any young people asking for face to face appointments need to be approved by our Clinical Team Lead and Operations Manager (due to COVID restrictions)
  • Hurstville headspace has a GP starting at the centre on the 27th August. Dr Daniel will be available every second Thursday from 2-6pm!




Upcoming groups

  • Study without Stress – Tuesdays 4-5pm via Zoom, starting 25th August
  • Study without Stress – Thursdays 4-5pm via Zoom, starting 20th August
  • Gut feelings – Wednesdays 4-5pm via Zoom, starting 5th August