Hearts and Hands – St Vincent De Paul

On Graduation Day Tuesday the 24th of September, during periods 1&2 Years 8 & 9 came together in their Homeroom groups to pack “Refuel Packs” for St Vincent De Paul. These “Refuel Packs” included food items donated by students in various grades such as Year 7’s muesli bars, Year 8’s cheese le snacks, Year 9’s chips, Year 10’s noodle soup, Year 11’s water bottles, and Year 12’s fruit cups. These items were then packed with a Hope card for each person receiving it. Years 8 & 9 were introduced to packing the items with a slideshow documenting statistics around homelessness in Australia and just how St Vincent De Paul support the homeless of Australia. The students were acting with both their hearts and hands during this initiative and are thrilled to have packed hundreds of “Refuel packs”.

Here are some reflections from the day:

This was a really good experience as I could help people that are struggling and with preparing the food which will relieve more stress for the homeless. I also learnt a lot of statistics like more than 50% of women are on the street and the majority is due to domestic violence. -Olivia Plomaritis

“Doing this small act will have such a big difference and can make someone’s day.” -Tara Winton


Year 8 and Year 9