History Competition

An exciting opportunity exists to blend your love of History with your creative and abstract thinking skills. 

This year’s competition is sponsored by the (Australian Government) Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and each film must be based on this year’s theme: Loyalty.

Loyalty can be interpreted in many ways in the context of Australian and New Zealand wartime history. The theme could suggest loyalty to a cause, or to a nation. It could mean loyalty to a unit, or to a fellow service man or woman. Students might explore the idea of conflicting loyalties or shifting loyalties during wartime. The extent to which the concept of loyalty has changed or remained the same over the last century might serve as a starting point to explore this complex theme.

A wartime context does not necessarily imply a connection to battle, political or ideological views. The theme might also relate to loyalty on a smaller scale, like in the context of individual relationships, families, local communities and others.

You can create a piece of fiction, a documentary, a community-service announcement or a music clip. 

For more details, see http://1-minutefilmcompetition.org/rules/?_sm_au_=isVvw7RWQQPPRrHr  or Mrs Smit. 


Kelly Smit

HSIE Coordinator