HSC Chemistry Excursion 2015

Kickstart at University of Sydney 

The Chemistry excursion to the University of Sydney has broadened my understanding about the different chemical equipment used in forensic analysis. It was amazing to see first-hand investigations such as gas-liquid chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, AAS and mass spectroscopy.

The diagrams and text shown in the textbooks are great but we saw even more detailed information in regards to the use, benefits and limitations of these techniques and the structure of the machines themselves. The class also had the opportunity to learn information from real forensic scientists and participate in many interesting experiments. The diverse range of titrations (e.g. for hard water testing) had allowed me to improve my skills and learn more diverse ways to undertake investigations throughout all the modules in my HSC course.  The day was attended by Jennifer  Arapakis, Luca  Borean, Simone  Chen, Rayza  De Souza, Gabrielle  Hachem, Chloe  Hicks, Katelyn  Hoy, Phoebe  Josephs, Nivetha  Mahesan, Yvette  Mangani, Anastasia  & Stephanie  Morakeas , Melissa  Neckovska, Natalia  Sabatino, Aliesha  Selvaraj, Eugenia  Simoes and Anita  Su.

The overall highlight of my excursion for my peers and I was the opportunity to expand our knowledge about the experiments we have studied at school.  This also included the chance to use the gel electrophoresis equipment (that is used to determine the DNA of a specific individual) and the gas liquid chromatography & high performance liquid chromatography machines that determine the unknown substances present in a solution. The titrations were also really helpful as they engaged each student and allowed them to hone their skills to find the equivalence point for a variety of reactions.





Simone Chen

Year 12 Chemistry student