HSC Results 2020

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2020.

Our 2020 HSC results are outstanding.  The staff are so proud of each girl’s wonderful achievements. It is obvious from our Year 12’s visiting today how proud they too are of themselves.  Thank you to the Bethany staff for preparing Year 12 so well and for their part in these results.

“Together We Grow”

Schools are not privy to its students’ ATAR results. They were sent to students by the Universities Admissions Centre directly. We can only report on the ATAR information students have given us.

Brief Summary and Highlights of Higher School Certificate (HSC) results:

  • 159 candidates awarded the HSC.
  • 9 candidates elected not to present for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
  • 150 candidates opted to present for an ATAR.
  • 80 out of the 150 ATAR candidates (53%) achieved at least one mention on the Premier’s Distinguished Achiever’s list.
  • Bethany College is ranked 80th out of approximately 800 schools in NSW. Bethany has appeared in the top 100 schools for the 4th consecutive year.
  • 3 students were All Rounders and received over 90% for each subject
  • Shae Acevski 5th in the State in Dance.
  • 166 mentions on the Distinguished Achiever’s list (students who achieve a Band 6, mark greater than 90%).

The Distinguished Achievers are:

Shae Acevski, Leanne Algama, Isabella Awad, Chelsea Badolato, Lingge Bai, Rosie Balasas, Lara Ball, Zoe Ball, Giulia Battisti, Amy Beale, Georgina Bray, Courtlyn Bruce, Caitlyn Capizzi, Alessia Colagiuri, Selina Colagiuri, Zoe Collins, Sophie Cook, Monique Cost-Chretien, Lucy Cottier, Esabella De Los Reyes, Anika Deshpande, Caitlin Dimitrievski, Chelsea Dimoski, Montana Duggan, Jade Essa, Emma Farrugia, Isabel Finch, Anastasia Frost, Sophie Gallagher, Alexia Georgiou, Kristen Georgiou, Alice Gleeson, Jolly Grace, Amber Grech, Chantelle Guevara, Alyssa Gurung, Maxine Hakeem, Sophia Ho, Abbey Hoy, Emily Hughes, Alana Jonovski, Tara Kapila, Evelyn Karavokyros, Roma Khodha, Gabriella Krstevski, Alana Kucinic, Danielle Kyriacou, Olivia Landon, Amber Lazos, Natalie Lombardi, Natasha Lutovski, Monique Makisi, Georgia Marks, Gemma Marshall, Olivia Masalkovski, Paige Massouridis, Allana Mateo, Maya McCormack, Amanda McGilchrist, Lordess Neskoski, Juliette Newbery, Jesica Nikolovska, Serafina Paletto, Alexandra Paramythis, Caitlin Petrovski, Serena Pham, Alecia Rizgalla, Angelia Rouady, Chrystal Ruz, Bianca Smith, Natalie Spratt, Isabella Staninovski, Zoe Stragalinos, Cecilia Strati, Krystal Truong, Claudia Vucic, Lauren Young

  • 91% of all courses were above the State average.
  • At least 33 students (22%) with an ATAR of 90 or greater (as at time of printing)
  • 5 students nominated for Drama Onstage – Alice Gleeson – Street Lights; Olivia Landon – The Bogus; Isabella Staninovski – Saint Joan; Zoe Stragalinos – Songs for Nobodies; Monique Cost-Chretien – Video Drama/Script
  • Zoe Stragalinos who has been nominated for possible inclusion in ENCORE, a selection of performances and compositions from Higher School Certificate Music students. Zoe has undertaken her Music course through Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College.
  • 21 nominations for Dance Callback –Shae Acevski for  Core Performance and Major Study Performance; Alessia Colagiuri for Core Performance, Core Composition and Major Study Performance; Anastasia Frost for Core Performance, Core Composition and Major Study Performance; Jasmine Hay for Core Performance and Major Study Performance; Elise Karanfilovski for Core Performance and Major Study Performance; Grace King for Major Study Performance; Alana Kucinic for Core Performance, Core Composition and Major Study Performance; Juliette Newbery for Major Study Performance; Maddison Stojanovski for Core Performance and Major Study Performance and Krystal Truong for Core Performance and Major Study Performance.
  • Amber Lazos has been nominated for the HSC exhibition of artworks titled ARTEXPRESS. ARTEXPRESS is the NSW Government’s annual showcase of Higher School Certificate Bodies of Work representing best practice in visual arts education throughout NSW. 
  • 9 students nominated for Design and Technology, Shape 2020: Anika Deshpande, Alexia Georgiou, Amber Grech, Sophia Ho, Natasha Lutovski, Allana Mateo, Jesica Nikolovska, Serafina Paletto, Bianca Smith.

Noteworthy subject performances (in subject alphabetic order), where all students achieved a Band 4 or higher (>70%):

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • English Standard
  • English Advanced
  • Legal Studies
  • Mathematics Standard 1
  • Modern History
  • Society & Culture
  • Studies of Religion I

Noteworthy subject performances (in subject alphabetic order), where all students achieved a Band 5 or higher (>80%):

  • Design & Technology
  • English Extension I
  • English Extension II
  • Food Technology
  • History Extension
  • Music I
  • Textiles & Design
  • VET Business Services
  • VET Entertainment Industry

2021 Dux of College

Serena Pham – 98.75


Students with ATAR over 90


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal