ICAS Science Competition 2017

STEM subjects are at the forefront of a Bethany Education; with this in mind, 2017 saw a record number of students compete in this year’s ICAS Science Competition with some incredible results.

The students are challenged to solve problems using the information they are given and often this information is outside of their normal curriculum content.  The competition takes place at the same time across Australia and a number of international venues at the same time in Singapore, Hong Kong and beyond.

We take this opportunity to celebrate the work of these fantastic scientists and wish them luck in their ongoing pursuit of excellence in science.


The following girls received Distinctions:

Year 7 Erika Daubaras Kaitlyn Barrett
Year 9 Monique Cost-Chretien Georgia Marks
Year 10 Louisa Leone Eve Fernando


The following girls received Credits:

Year 7 Helen Nguyen Taylah Stenta
  Yasmin Hijazi Maddison Underhill
  Linh Huynh Eleanor Humphreys
  Maresa Moustakis Eloise Martelletti
  Luna Pandiella-McLeod Leesa Coleman
  Isabel Santillana Alissa Caforio
Year 8 Janessa Fong Elly Vazouras
  Fitini Kotsodimas Stephanie Boskovski
  Jade Lozanovski Elizabeth Mabbutt
  Mia Palmer Caitlin Tan
  Brianna Strehler  
Year 9 Christina Le Zoe Collins
  Shae Acevski Sophie Cook
  Lingge Bai Chantelle Guevara
  Lara Ball Alyssa Gurung
  Zoe Ball Alexandra Hammer
  Alessia Colagiuri Chrystal Ruz
  Selina Colagiuri Maddison Stojanovski
Year 10 Kate Britcher Sinead McGarry
  Olivia Di Constanzo Truc Nguyen
  Ashleigh Hollis Anna Pemberton
  Alana Jones Ophelia Devcic


Mr Russell Roberts

Assistant Science Coordinator