Independent Liturgy Project

This term both 9REG and 9REW engaged in a student-centred learning project in their Religious Education classes, which proved to be a major success. Students were asked to construct a liturgy incorporating elements of the unit ‘Biblical Writing’ which they have been studying in class. The theme, purpose and all components of this liturgy were organised and prepared by students.

It was exemplary to see the students use the classroom environment to work together so cohesively. The girls were able to use their individual talents and creativity to delegate certain tasks in order to construct a complete liturgy. This included a student-centred class discussion, whereby each class decided on a purpose and theme of the liturgy. Once this was finalised, smaller focus groups were allocated, in order to complete preparations in a timely manner.

Students decided to organise smaller groups working on more specific tasks. This included their focus on various aspects of a liturgy including the running sheet, a liturgical dance, decorations for the sacred space, music selection and selection of scripture and prayers to relate to the overall theme. These are just a few of the wonderful ideas that the year 9 students came up with.

Once planning was complete, students conducted this liturgy in the Bethany College Chapel. Their peers, as well as various College teachers came to show their support, and to join in prayer with us.

Gathering in prayer and thanks is at the heart of what we do at Bethany College, and this unique learning experience provoked students to consider all elements of a Catholic liturgy, and to work collaboratively with very minimal teacher involvement. When given the opportunity, the girls are able to foster their brilliance, and consciously engage in their own faith journey.



Kahlie Taouk