Inflatable Rescue Boat racing (IRB)

IRB racing stands for Inflatable rescue boat racing, which you have to pass your crewman certificate to join the section. You can get your crewman certificate after getting your Bronze Medallion and Spinal Course certificate. IRB starts off with 2 people at the starting line in each team. Then you race to the boat and one person who is the driver goes to the back of the boat whilst the other person, the crewman goes to the front where they have to jump in and take off hoping to jump the waves. When you get to the first can, the boat does a 360 turn and picks up the person on the next can. You then have to race back in where the driver has to jump out of the boat without falling over and run to the the finish line. At the State Championships this year, my under 23s team received a silver medal and North Cronulla came 3rd overall. At the Australian Championships, North Cronulla came 4th overall and we are now hoping to make it to Italy for the World Championships next year.
Miss Cox asked me how did I get involved into something like this and its pretty easy, especially if you do nippers. Anyone over 15 can join as long as they are willing to complete the following courses – Surf rescue, Bronze Medallion as well as the Crewman course. 
Here are some photos of this season 
Hannah Berman