International Day of Friendship

Thursday 30th July was International Friendship day! 

“A friend is someone who accepts you the way you are” – Confucius

On the 30th of July, the year 10 SRC’s ran an initiative for International Friendship Day. International Friendship Day was introduced by the United Nations General Assembly (UN) in 2011. It is a day where we recognise and become thankful for our relationships with others. Friendship day was created with the intention of inspiring unity and peace between different countries and cultures. It is through friendship, that we can confront and overcome challenges together.

All friendships start with a conversation. International Day of Friendship is a way to reconnect with old friends or open yourself to new connections. Being a friend requires self reflection, which is critical for growth and improves your own qualities. 

The year 10 initiative was a friendship flower activity which involved each Homeroom throughout the school. As a Homeroom,, students would reflect and think about what qualities made a good friend. They then wrote these qualities on each petal of a flower that they decorated, which were then stuck on bamboo sticks. A friendship flower garden was made in Yallunga for everyone to see. 

By reflecting on the qualities of a good friend, not only do we become more grateful for our friends, but we learn how we can improve the way we treat our own friends. In uncertain times like these, it is important that we maintain strong friendships to establish support networks and to share good times with. 

Year 10 SRC